Britain and France likely prepare Lawrence’s scenario to topple President al Assad

Britain and France likely prepare Lawrence’s scenario to topple President al Assad

SUMBER: The Global Review

by Hendrajit, Executive Director of the Global Future Institute

Intelligence operations to topple President Bashar al Assad have increasingly  been intensified. In addition to Britain and the United States, France has also   intensively taken part in such action. French daily Le Figaro on Friday  reported that last month some French military intelligence agents held face- to-face talks with key players of Syrian terrorist groups which are supported  secretly by foreign parties in terms of both weapons and funds. Recent  developments clearly indicate the occurrence of preparations being planned  to launch military actions aimed at overthrowing Bashar al Assad. 

Even more surprisingly, a special meeting between the French personnel and   the Syrian armed militia groups that have long been the target of NATO  military, was fully known and even ‘approved’ by the French government.  Indeed, it was the French government willing to know the exact operational  capabilities of each component of the Syrian armed insurgents.

Presumably financial and military supports from NATO, especially Britain and  France, are not speculative news anymore. Recent information that NATO  has agreed to deploy its patriot missiles in the Turkish-Syrian border with a  pretext to block the military threat against Turkey. Some time ago Britain   launched a “psywar” against Syria that is essentially considered to have WMD  (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Could this be read as a signal or code of the  Britain that NATO will soon prepare to take military action to topple President  Assad as the US-British coalition forces invaded Iraq in 2003?

This is a serious development and must be examined for Britain warned that  a possible escalation of the armed conflict in Turkey could be bad also for  Turkey. For Britain, Turkey since the Ottoman dynasty in World War I, has  been the strategic target of conquest.

Being aware of British divide-and-conquer modus operandi

At that time, the Turkish Monarchy of the Ottoman dynasty, which is the  enemy of Britain, practically controlled the whole of the Arabian Peninsula.  British strong urge to conquer Turkey then led to Thomas D Lawrence as a  knitter of Arab tribes to defeat the British in World War I. In Cairo, Egypt, the  legend of Lawrence as British intelligence officer who is creative, imaginative  and genius began because Egypt in the time was the most vital area for the  British colonies in the Middle East.

Based on the ability of Lawrence knowing very well the Middle East and being  capable of cultivating social relationship and making friends with the leaders  of the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, then Lawrence was commissioned by  the British army to carry out a mission that is difficult and almost impossible by   provoking the leaders of tribes and waging a revolt against the Ottoman  Turkish Monarchy.

Then, Lawrence carried out some tactical steps to realize the strategic  agenda having been ordered by his seniors in the British army based in Egypt.

First, Lawrence pushed and encouraged the Arab fighters to destroy the  Turkish troops having garrisons in various parts, especially Medina and  Palestine.

The fighters of Arab tribes were then driven by Lawrence to bring a warlord as  a unifying figure throughout the Arab tribes with their diverse interests and  ambition. Lawrence managed to bring a new commander, Prince Faisal.

Initially, Lawrence pushed Faisal to move his troops to invade Medina, but in  fact the military defense of the Turkish Monarchy was still too strong to be  penetrated. So, Lawrence proposed a second option to Faisal, namely,  invading Palestine.

Apparently, Prince Faisal agreed to the option proposed by Lawrence. Thus,  with the strength of about 3500 Arab fighters, Faisal could attack Palestine.  British warship and transport fleets were intentionally directed toward transit  port at the southern of Palestine, Aqabah, to conduct landing force operations.  However, the Turks were in a state of full alert to welcome the onslaught of  the Prince Faisal’s military forces. Thus, a fierce battle was unavoidable.

In such critical situations, the Lawrence’s ability and skill as British  intelligence officer played a crucial role. Namely, utilizing his extensive  relationships and interaction among the Arab tribes, especially Bedouin tribes  in Palestine, to persuade them to carry out a military strike against the Turkish  Monarchy from the rear.

The Bedouins, who also happened to be the leaders of the desert robbers,   undertook the Lawrence’s special request. As a result, the Turkish Monarchy  troops that are strong enough could eventually be destroyed. So the Faisal’s  troops and the Arab tribes’ fighters could successfully move forward into Syria  and Palestine.

In short, with the full support from Britain and the Arab deserters from the  Turkish army they finally captured the city of Damascus, the Syrian capital.

Following the fall of Damascus and Syria in general, the British forces led by  General Allenby and the Arab tribal fighters led by Faisal continued their  military campaign into Palestine. Again, Jerusalem, the Capital of Palestine,  could finally be captured and occupied by the British.___

The glorious achievements were due to the intelligence success of an  individual British citizen named Lawrence who happens to be the only British  intelligence officer rank of major. After winning militarily, the British began to  implement its strategic agenda, which form the puppet arab countries, whose  influence is felt to this day.

By influencing the fighters armed Arab tribes that again eporia to overthrow  monarchy Turkish victory, England managed to lift Prince Faisal as King of  Iraq, while his younger brother, Prince Abdullah, the king appointed Trans.

Later, Trans split into two nations, partly occupied by the Arabs who later  became Jordan. While most of the other half of the Jewish state, namely  Israel. Trans division into Jordan and Israel, is like a ticking time bomb that is  placed England, because the impact is quite devastating, was until now.

Asad: Syria Enemy is Terrorism and Instability

Indeed the crisis in Syria at this time, has been described by President Asad  himself some time ago. “My enemy today is terrorism and instability in Syria.  This is what our enemies in Syria today. It’s not about the people. It’s not about  the individual. And the central issue in Syria is not whether I should hold out as  president or resign from power. The central issue now is whether Syria will  remain secure and safe or not. This is what we are fighting in Syria. “

Furthermore Asad insisted that he was not the real targets. West side of the  first always create enemies. First Communist. Then Islam. After it was  Saddam Hussein. With a variety of different reasons. Well now they want to  create a new enemy represented by self Bashar al Assaad. “No wonder they  think that the root of the problem is the president, then I had to retreat. So we  have to solve this problem. Not hear what they say, “he said Asad.

The attitude of Indonesian government in favor with USA

Ironically, the context and the actual constellation crisis in Syria, are not  understood by our President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Referring to SBY’s  speech in the National Assembly before the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU)  on Monday September 17 Indonesian attitudes related to the crisis in Syria,  are very pro-American.

Although not explicitly support America’s global scheme to displace President  Bashar Assaad, but the emphasis on the international effort to stop the armed  conflict in Syria, could be interpreted to give the wind to keep the forces pro- America and Western Europe to displace President Assaad from the  presidency. Inevitably, the attitude of the government of SBY is not only  contrary to the statement that proclaimed President Asad, but also at odds  with the attitudes of some of the developing world heads of state such as  President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

SBY views are inevitably defined by the drafter of Indonesian foreign policy  issues that do not know what happened in Syria. Why not. Statement of the  President to use the term armed conflict and the role of the international  community, it can be interpreted as support Asad eviction by using the issue  of democracy and violations of human rights as a justification that the  international conduct of President Assaad total isolation. In fact. President  Hugo Chavez of Venezuela some time ago took measures much more  progressive than the president.

By declaring himself to be in a stance and direction with Russia and China  which have previously criticized the U.S. interference in Syria, Hugo Chavez  has asserted that supporting efforts aimed at overthrowing President Bashar  Assad is a blatant violation of Syria’s national sovereignty.

The Indonesian foreign policy drafter who plays behind the preparation of the  President’s speeches on foreign issues, seemed to have no idea at all what  the real crisis in Syria today.

If they want to trace some documents like Debkafile and intelligence sources,  British and French special forces from the beginning though not involved in  direct combat with Syrian forces, they have played an active role as strategic  advisors, setting the attack, communicating with the rebels as well as  providing assistance like weapons, ammunitions and logistical supply.

With this background, is it still relevant for Yudhoyono in his speech related  toSyria crisis to use  a phrase stopping armed conflict and the role of the  international community? As if legitimate government of President Assad and  rebel groups supported by Britain and France are in the same position and  equal?


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