US agenda in Syria is collapsing

US agenda in Syria is collapsing


April, 2013

Washington’s position in Syria will only deteriorate.

Toronto, Crescent-online

The events of the last few days once again highlighted the fact that an imperialist plot to colonize Syria is not going according to the plan envisioned by the US government and its regional proxies.

While the Western corporate media continuously keeps marketing every terrorist attack in Damascus as a “major push to capture the Syrian capital”, the Syrian government ­­is gaining the upper hand over the US proxy forces militarily and politically.

Reuters report on April 24 quoted a member of the armed gangs in Syria saying that “the disaster has struck, the army entered Otaiba. The regime has managed to turn off the weapons tap.” Also on April 24, Associated Press reported that a growing number of the US proxy forces in Syria began lashing out at the Qatari monarchy for favoring one US proxy force over another.

On a political front the US cobbled Syrian National Coalition (SNC) further exposed itself as a politically impotent force.

The incompetence of the SNC is so obvious that even the Western corporate media is forced to report on it in order to maintain its veneer of objectivity.

Reporting on the recent infighting within the US founded SNC; Britain’s The Guardian newspaper could do so without sarcasm. On April 25, The Guardian wrote “Syria’s on-off opposition leader Moaz al-Khatib has spread more confusion over his current status by insisting he remains head of the coalition until elections in May. In his latest Facebook posting he also dismissed the appointed of George Sabra as acting head of the Syrian National Coalition as “shameful and illegal.”

The failure of executing Washington’s agenda in Syria also manifested itself through the takfiri wing of the Saudi sponsored US proxy forces. On April 23, Kavkazcenter, an internet based news agency of the takfiri forces fighting for independence from Russia, published a letter written by one of the takfiri fighters in Syria under the name Salman Bulgarsky. Bulgarsky’s letter of reflection evaluates the announcement made by the takfiri group in Syrian calling itself Jabhat al-Nusra about its merger with Al-Qaeda.

In one part of his letter sent from Syria, Bulgarsky writes – “this jamaat (assembly), referred to as al-Qaeda, is loved by all Mujahideen, without exception. But, it needs to be noted that not all Muslims support the methods of al-Qaeda. I have to say that the majority of ordinary Muslims simply link al-Qaeda with blood and terror because of the constant propaganda spewed by the media and some of their own political mistakes that al-Qaeda made based on their earlier actions.  It is evident that the name al-Qaeda, as well as the term Salafi, does not unite all Muslims, even though I love both names. For just a name al-Qaeda alone one can get the already tense Turkish border closed. Also, in Turkey the name al-Qaeda is a real cause of alarm, as it is in most countries around the world.”

While Bulgarsky attempts to conceal the divisions within the takfiri wing of the US proxy forces in Syria, his letter clearly highlights the existing divisions and indirectly admits that Muslims worldwide do not support the methodology and principles advocated by Muslims that have been co-opted by the Saudi palace scholars working for the US installed regime.

The above mentioned clearly shows that the Syrian conflict has no solution other than a comprehensive internal Syrian negotiation process. For this to take place, the opposition to the current Syrian regime must stop living in denial and accept the fact that Bashar al-Assad has significant popular support, without which he would be overthrown long ago. This acceptance of reality on behalf of the opposition can take place only if it musters enough courage to completely disassociate itself from its foreign sponsors that do not care about justice and peace in Syria.

The Syrian opposition must accept the fact that imperialist governments such as in the US and Britain were never reliable partners. History has thousands of examples of this reality. The main interest of the US and its regional proxies in Syria is to make sure that Syria is not utilized by the Palestinian resistance and Islamic axis led by Iran, as a platform resisting Zionist occupation of Palestine and modern day neo-colonialism. The Syrian government on its part must speed up the already started reforms and make reasonable compromises with authentic Syrian opposition groups.


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