To justify West’s interference, corporate media exaggerates Iran’s role in Syria

To justify West’s interference, corporate media exaggerates Iran’s role in Syria

SOURCE: Crescent Online

April, 2013

West wants to create a rationale for invading Syria.

Toronto, Crescent-online
April 5, 2013, 08:45 EST

To justify Western interference in the internal affairs of Syria, western corporate controlled media continues to make exaggerated claims about Iranian involvement in Syria.

On April 4, Reuters published a report supposedly detailing Iranian military involvement in Syria claiming that Damascus is sending “irregular militias for guerrilla combat training at a secret base in Iran,” the article identifies as the so-called National Defence Army. As is often the case with Syria, the entire report is based on an agenda driven “activists” and anonymous sources.

In order to make the report appear somewhat credible, adopting the time tested strategy of half-truth propaganda, Reuters highlights the well-known Islamic akhlaq (ethics) of the Iranian armed forces demonstrated during the global war launched against Islamic Iran by the Western-backed regime of Saddam Hussein in 1980s. Quoting a supposed member of the National Defence Army, Reuters writes: “the Iranians kept telling us that this war is not against Sunnis but for the sake of Syria… On our first day of training, the Iranian officer overseeing our course said, ‘I know exactly what is going on in Syria and want to tell you one thing: If you joined the National Defence Army for looting and not to defend your country, you will die an ugly death and go to hell’.”

In October 2012, the British daily, The Independent, a paradoxical name to say the least, published a story of Hizbullah’s supposed direct military involvement in Syria. The Lebanese paper, Al-Akhbar evaluating the story’s credibility, ridiculed its veracity pointing out that the entire report is based on the accounts of members of the US proxy forces fighting against the Syrian government. Al-Akhbar wrote: “a Syrian rebel interviewed for the article claims that he ‘recognized his enemies as Hezbollah by their combat skills and American-made M16 assault rifles.’ Bearded men with American weapons and impressive combat skills – the article does not however mention whether they were riding Harleys in which case we’d have a real scoop on our hands. Hezbollah’s secret to success: an army of Chuck Norrises.”

While it is no longer a secret that the war in Syria has been instigated from abroad, those who criticize Iran’s political involvement in Syria that has been admitted by Tehran, while begging for NATO’s imperialist military involvement, do not have the moral or logical basis to complain about Iran.  Whenever there is a crisis in the Muslim world, many Muslims immediately ask what is Islamic Iran doing about it? Many of those asking this question, though not all, do not consider Iran to be an Islamic state. If that is the case, the question is irrelevant since Iran is perfectly entitled to pursue its own interests based on the assessment of its leaders as does the US and other parties that have been actively inciting violence in Syria.

Allegations of Iran’s military’s involvement are meant to provide a rationale for direct military attack by the west on Syria. Western involvement in Syria has been going on since the beginning of eruption of the crisis although denied so far. On February 25, 2013, the New York Times reported that the CIA was supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels via Croatia. The Saudis have been paying for such weapons.

It has also now been admitted that at least 150 US military personnel have been training Syrian mercenaries in Jordan since 2012. Other regimes have sent mercenaries to Syria. According to reports, at least 6,000 mercenaries have gone from Europe to join al-Qaeda terrorists. Muslims that go from Europe to fight against western intervention in Somalia are accused to aiding and abetting terrorism, but those fighting the government of Syria are encouraged.

There can be no better definition of hypocrisy.


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