Iran-al-Qaeda report, a clumsy PR campaign

Iran-al-Qaeda report, a clumsy PR campaign

SOURCE: Crescent International

August, 2012

Islamic Iran does not require an al-Qaeda leverage against the US as it possesses allies far better organized and more competent than al-Qaeda.

Toronto, Crescent-online
August 2, 2010, 17:50 EST

A recent attempt by the US soft-power institutions to link the US established al-Qaeda group with Islamic Iran is a clumsy PR campaign doomed to fail.

In July 2012 Iranian Sponsorship of Terrorism, a publication of IHS Defense, Risk and Security Consulting published a report written by Daniel Byman called “Unlikely Alliance: Iran’s Secretive Relationship with Al-Qaeda.” The IHS report was later republished by other soft-power US institutions promoting illegitimate US interference worldwide.

The report claims that even though the alliance between al-Qaeda and Iran is not smooth, Iran uses al-Qaeda as a bargaining chip and a leverage against the US. Byman claims that “the provision of logistical support and a form of safe haven for Al-Qaeda has enabled Iran to protect itself from a possible attack against targets in Iran, and to ensure a measure of good behavior from the broader Sunni jihadist movement.”

Apart from being based fully on the sources provided by the US government, which is known for fabricating facts, (remember Saddam’s nuclear weapons and ties to al-Qaeda?) the report has major deficiencies in terms of its rationale. Taking into account that al-Qaeda’s unofficial leadership consists of Saudi palace scholars and their financial network, it would be unwise for Iran to build a relationship with an organization strongly embedded with the most loyal US servant in the Muslim world, the al-Saud tribe. This would mean that Iran is conspiring against the US with an outfit that is linked to the US.

The report also ignores the fact that by backing al-Qaeda Iran did not become immune from attacks by its takfiri allies. Islamic Iran was a target of major terrorist attacks instigated by the US trained organization Jundullah that targeted innocent Iranian civilians in Iran’s Baluchistan region. Jundullah was receiving US training in Kyrgyzstan and strong Saudi media backing until Islamic Iran dismantled the group and executed its ring leader. Also, al-Qaeda and its ideological offshoots confront Islamic Iran in every single geographic location where Islamic Iran’s power is on the rise. On strategic issues ranging from Lebanon to Bosnia, al-Qaeda takes an identical position with the US as one can witness today in Syria.

Islamic Iran does not require an al-Qaeda leverage against the US as it possesses allies far better organized and more competent than al-Qaeda. Therefore, the report so widely publicized by the US soft-power institutions is nothing more than a desperate and poorly prepared psychological pressure against Tehran.


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