Interview with Dr. Randy Short about Syria

Anti-Assad parties seek humanitarian invasion of Syria: Analyst


Following the Syrian Army crackdown on terrorists behind the killing and wounding of dozens of people on the outskirts of Hama, an analyst says Bashar al-Assad opponents are looking to bring about the humanitarian invasion of Syria.

An unnamed military source said that the army attacked the terrorists who had killed and wounded many civilians in the village of al-Turaymisah on the outskirts of the western city of Hama on Thursday, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

The source added that a large number of armed rebels were killed and scores more captured in an offensive that was concluded without any civilian casualties.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Dr. Randy Short, member of Dignity, Human Rights and Peace organization from Washington, to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcript of the interview. 

Press TV: Many say the recent massacre in the city of Turaymisah is similar to the Houla massacre in terms of it initially not being investigated and second the government being blamed. I mean this comes at a time when the opposition in Syria is not blamed at all. Who are we to believe initially?

Short: People should believe the historical record of these interventions that are inspired by NATO. They created altercations and situations in other societies and so this seems to fit a pattern. You have got the same old players, the same names; you have Ambassador [Robert Stephen] Ford who gets dispatched to Syria. He was the same guy that was in Iraq under [John] Negroponte, the guy who started the death groups that were killing people in El Salvador.

You have professionals from the West who know how to destroy and destabilize a country. So when I start looking at the personalities on the Western side of the ledger, I have to take a reserve judgment on the government of Syria. Why would they want to kill their own people?

When they are facing such an onslaught against the state, it would be unwise for the Assad government to do this. So who stands to gain and it seems as if to me that those people who do not like the existing government in Syria want to create the kind of chaos to get a “humanitarian invasion.”

They want another Libya; they want another Iraq; they want another Afghanistan; they want something where they can get their Western partners to help them turn over their state to be a colony.

Press TV: It is interesting. We have this Free Syrian Army openly saying that it has given the government forces and officials until the end of this month to defect or face assassinations, I mean, no condemnation at all for this. Why doesn’t the United Nations see this at least?

Short: Well, let’s be honest, it seems as if there is two United Nations; there is the United Nations for the wealthy, powerful, predominantly white nations which is the one that gets to make all the rules and then there is one for the Muslim, poor, black, brown and yellow.

They are the ones who get invaded in all of the no-fly zones, and all of the harsh sanctions are applied to them. You will never see England or France or Italy or Spain or the United States or Canada, no matter what they do, face sanctions from the UN, or Israel for that matter.

So there is clearly a racist European supremacist policy in the news media and throughout the UN system. And this instance and also in others where there seems to be a willingness to not see the sovereign right of Arab, African, Asian and Latin American nations if it does not fit within the economic, political and social directives of central banks of Europe, the United States and also multinational corporations.

Press TV: What do you make of Syria’s neighbors, especially Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in adding fuel to the fire in Syria?

Short: First of all, Turkey, they have their own human rights issues with their Kurdish population; they need to be mindful that what they do to Syria could happen to them one day and I need to go further. The Turks seem to be conflicted over whether they are going to be Asians or Europeans. So they seem to want to be the running dogs of the white countries against an Arab state.

The Saudis are thoroughly corrupt and they are abusive towards their Shia minority. They are killing and torturing their own people; they are trying to hold under their own corrupt regime and the Qataris, these are the same people who lied about the mercenaries in Libya and they began getting the oil from Libya.

They have just destroyed Libya; now they want to destroy Syria. I mean these countries have no credibility; they have no democracy and Turkey should be very mindful that what they are doing today, there could be a blowback with their Kurdish minority and others could rebel.

Press TV: And Dr. Short, all in all, what do you see as the final development taking place in Syria? What do you think will happen as the final result?

Short: It is my hope that Russia is at least starting to take a stand that it is not going to allow another country to be destroyed by this insane leviathan, that so-called democracy movement of the United States and NATO. Also I am hoping that we see other countries recognize that if we do not get a handle on this, we will have a major regional if not world war.

We also see one thing and that is the Islamic Republic of Iran has been able to be resolute and stand. The hope is if Russia prevails to bring Iran, the key and most honest broker that you are going to get for that region because that is their ally; there is a Shia minority in Syria that has relationship with the Shias in Iran, that needs to happen; that is the most stable thing that could happen because in reality the whole goal is to undermine Syria.

So Iran can be attacked. If Syria can be stabilized by countries refusing to go along with the maniacal drive towards sanctions being driven by AIPAC and other organizations that are Zionistic or anti-Islamic or that want to serve finance capital, then there is a chance for peace to prevail. I do believe that the Syrian people overall have not come out against their government.

So what needs to happen and what is happening is some people are beginning to see that this is the same old scam that you have seen in several countries and the world is sick of it.


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