Bahrain: Al-Khalifah and the sectarian war

Bahrain: Al-Khalifah and the sectarian war

SOURCE: AngryArab

“Pakistani emigration to Bahrain jumped to almost 6,000 people in 2010, a sixfold increase from 2001, official Pakistan government figures show. A breakdown of how many Pakistanis go into security-force jobs wasn’t available, but Police of Pakistani origin in Bahrain say as many as 7,000 people from a police force of 25,000 come from Pakistan.  Khalil Almarzooq, a senior member of Al-Wefaq, Bahrain’s largest opposition party, claims the government has used foreign Sunni Muslims in the security services to keep control of the population of 1.2 million, two-thirds of whom are Shiites. “The reason for the security apparatus is to protect the regime, not the people,” he says.”


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