Aoun Congratulates Mikati, Offers Hariri as Gift to US

Aoun Congratulates Mikati, Offers Hariri as Gift to US

SOURCE: Al Manar

25/01/2011 The head of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc MP Michel Aoun congratulated on Tuesday Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati and wished him success in the formation of the new government.

Speaking to reporters following his parliamentary bloc’s meeting, Aoun denounced the attacks on media which took place in Beirut and Tripoli. He emphasized that journalists and cameramen only shown what the demonstrators are doing, and nothing more.

Violent riots have erupted across Lebanon on Tuesday as caretaker Prime Minsiter Saad Hariri’s supporters took to street to protest Hariri’s failure to secure a parliamentary majority in the binding consultations to nominate a new PM. Hariri’s supporters’ main targets were media reporters and the Lebanese army forces.

Aoun stressed the need for “consensus” and found strange the logic of the Muftis Council which called on the Prime Minister-designate to prevent sedition. “The choice of Hariri or strife is not democratic reasoning,” he pointed out.

The Free Patriotic Movement leader said that his party seeks stability. He noted that the “opposition” has not asked anyone to resort to the street game, but resorted to constitutional institutions and democracy.

While hoping that all parties would end sectarian incitement, Aoun ruled out the possibility of sedition breaking out in the country. “Strife requires two sides and we don’t want it,” he said.

“The international aid only comes to Hariri and not the country,” Aoun said. Answering another question, he proposed that the United States take Hariri as a ‘gift’. “Perhaps, he would be able to save them from the financial crisis. Let them take him. We have no problem at all.”

Aoun also noted that there’s a Lebanese majority that rejects the STL. “If the international community wants to help the Lebanese through the tribunal, then we tell them that it is now rejected,” he said. “The problem isn’t just the STL, but there is a complete political movement that should be changed due to its financial violations and its use of martyrdom in politics.”


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