Bin Ali International Tribunal? And America

Bin Ali International Tribunal?

SOURCE: Angry Arab

. I know that the US administration and its Department of the Near East and AIPAC is busy with Hariri investigation and thinks that the killing of Hariri is the most important event in Arab history, and that his assassination is the most brutal act since the holocaust, but will the US administration now look favorably to the Tunisian popular demands for an international tribunal?  Of course, not. (As’ad Abu Khalil)

على الشعب التونسي ان يحذر: الولايات المتحدة تسعى على الأرجح لإنقاذ النظام عبر التضحية ببن علي

The US is now probably doing its best to save the regime and sacrifice Bin Ali. The Tunisian people should be on guard. (As’ad Abu Khalil)


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