Saudi rights group plans sit-in

Saudi rights group plans sit-in


A rights group in Saudi Arabia is planning to hold the country’s first sit-in this month to demand political reform, the group’s leaders say.

The head of the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association said on Friday that the group has asked the Interior Ministry for permission to hold a peaceful sit-in on December 23 in Riyadh.

The members of the group say they want to express their opinions through the sit-in, namely to demand equal job opportunities, better healthcare and education, and social benefits, AP reported.

The group is also calling for a limit to be placed on the privileges of members of the Saudi royal family, the launch of a campaign against corruption and nepotism, and the creation of an independent judiciary.

The gathering is unlikely to be approved, as public protests are almost unheard of in Saudi Arabia, but the group says it will go ahead with the protest even if it is denied permission.

In the past, Riyadh has dealt harshly with even the slightest opposition.


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