British Police ‘violent’ with disabled protester

British Police ‘violent’ with disabled protester


A disabled victim of the British police violence during the 20,000 strong tuition fee protests in London says he was dragged from his wheelchair in an “unprovoked” attack.

Jody McIntyre, who is a freelance journalist and blogger, said he was attacked as he and his brother tried to run to a corner in Parliament Square.

“One policeman hit me with his baton in the shoulder; then suddenly four or five of them picked me up and dragged me from my chair. They carried me quite violently and against my will and put me on the pavement,” McIntyre said.

He also explained how another officer had attacked him in a “more shocking” way for just being there in the Parliament Square.

“I was sitting in my wheelchair in space in the middle of the road. A policeman recognised me from the earlier incident and came running over, pushed me out of my chair and dragged me across the road. This was completely unprovoked,” he said.

This is while, McIntyre slammed the heavy-handed police tactics as “standard police behaviour,” saying there was “plenty of violence towards students” during Thursday’s rallies, which was “equally disgraceful.”

Reports said the clashes between protesters and the police sent more than 40 marchers and 12 police officers from those involved in the incidents in an around Parliament Square to hospital.

According to the president of Goldsmiths student union, Bindz Patel, two of the injured sustained injuries to their heads as mounted police charged and attacked the protesters using their batons.

This comes as Secretary of Goldsmiths Universities and Colleges Union Des Freedman pledged to push for more action against the cuts saying “the [MPs] vote went the wrong way but it does not mean that our opposition to the government’s proposals is any less intense, nor our plans to campaign against the fee rises and funding cuts any less necessary.”


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