WikiLeaks expose US hypocrisy and its “friends”

WikiLeaks expose US hypocrisy and its “friends”

SOURCE: Crescent Magazine-online

November 28, 2010 – 2100 DST

Releasing the first batch of 250,000 secret documents between US diplomatic missions abroad and the State Department, Wikileaks has shed light on the dirty role played by US diplomats, its allies and the hypocritical behavior of its friends.

First, the dirty role of US diplomats. While widely known, WikiLeaks documents confirm that US spies masquerade as diplomats and use their position to gather intelligence on other countries. Directives from the State Department confirm this in writing. Many countries have complained to the US about the illegal behavior of its diplomatic staff only to be brushed aside that there was no truth to it. Informed observers have known about the illegal activities of US diplomats for years. They now feel vindicated.

The documents also reveal the seedier side of Saudi rulers including the now-ailing and dying king Abdullah. In 2008, he urged the US to attack Iran. This is also what the Israelis have urged for years. There is now a clear nexus between the zionists and the Saudi Wahhabis.

WikiLeaks documents also reveal Abdullah’s low opinion of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari (no surprise there; Zardari is a venal character); and the fact that Saudis are still the principal financiers of al-Qaeda. Todate, no US missiles have been fired at Riyadh. These are reserved for the poor Pashtuns in the northwest of Pakistan. The pilotless drone attacks are illegal under international law because these are fired by people whose identity is not clearly known. Even the UN has complained about such attacks.

There are also revelations about US attempts to snatch Pakistan’s nuclear fuel, confirming long-held belief that US attempts to destabilize Pakistan are aimed at precisely that.

More WikiLeaks documents are expected within the next few days. There are a total of some 2.8 million documents slated for release.


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