Prof Dr Mubarok: “Kebanyakan pemimpin Indonesia menerima hubungan diplomatik Indonesia Israel”

Prof Dr Mubarok: “Kebanyakan pemimpin Indonesia menerima hubungan diplomatik Indonesia Israel”

SUMBER: IslamMuhammadi

Jakarta// Prof. Dr. Mubarok, the vice chairman of Party Demokrat announced that most Indonesian leaders will accept Indonesia Israel diplomatic relation that Global Jewish communities will support Indonesia with strong and strategies economic energy with other Asian and global countries. The meeting had conducted in Jakarta with offical explaination that Jewish leaders will support us into Indonesia trusted powerful economy in Asia Europe, Latin America. said David Egypton in Jakarta

The Prime Minister official repsonds with higher communication and stated that Indonesia will be a higher economic energy and Israel with all economic infrastructures directly support to Indonesia with all kind way will approaches. Althought, some Jewish anti Zionism had recomended that Indonesia is still anti Israel and not confortable to invest Jewish financial in Jakarta.

The Indonesian leaders meeting had recomended that if Israel leaders  had good respond to the meeting so everything about Israel images and global political mapping will changes possitively into real cooperation soon.  If USA and British, France knew about the meeting the West will changes their view not being an rivalery but they consolidated the unlimited power with us soon (971]



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