Video: Wartawan Palestina di Tembak Pasukan Israel

This video contains graphic images. Viewer discretion advised.

[to see the video click here]

Shot while filming a gunbattle

Jul. 5 – A Palestinian camerman is hit by a volley of bullets while filming clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants in Gaza.

The cameraman, Imad Ghanem was filming for Hamas’s al-Aqsa television channel when he was fired upon.

In video filmed by a colleague he can be seen lying on the ground with his camera by his side.

Eyewitnesses said moments before he’d been with a group which included militant gunmen, though he appeared to be unarmed. Ghanem was later treated in hospital where both of his legs were amputated.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said journalists were at risk if they entered a combat zone but soldiers did not deliberately target them.

Source: Reuters


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